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7 Reasons to Choose Shakenovsky

There are many reasons to work with a lawyer to protect your rights if you’re being prosecuted for a criminal offence. Here are seven reasons to choose Shakenovsky & Associates lawyers to protect yourself.

Most people are unfamiliar with the process and are not sure of the best way forward to receive the best possible outcome. Regardless of the severity of your charge, whether it be drug possession, common assault or robbery we can help you. 


Shakenovsky & Associates consistently achieve positive results for our wide variety of clients. We cover immigration law, criminal law, commercial law, employment law and family law.   

Our legal team is comprised of several lawyers offering more than 38 years of combined experience. We create effective strategies and we work hard so cases are either dropped entirely or charges are downgraded – saving you time, expense and stress.

Where our clients wish to plead guilty, we are particularly skilled at achieving ‘dismissals’ and ‘non-convictions’.


Our reputation is built on competence, impeccable ethical practices and successful outcomes. We establish strong relationships with our clients, based on mutual respect, honesty and trust. Our aim is to care for our clients and their matters at hand. 


Personal service is in our DNA. We are always available for your immediate needs and we look at helping you as a partnership. We are with you until the end and we keep you informed every step of the way. We work with both local clients in Australia as well as with international clients. They can attest that we work around the clock responding to emails after hours, on weekends and public holidays. You are never left waiting or worrying.


We have skilled professionals with extensive experience across legal and humanitarian issues. If we do not have the answers, we will find them, or refer you to appropriate experts who do. We surround ourselves with Solicitors and Barristers of high repute and competence with whom we have built sound relationships and upon whom we seek second opinions if the need arises. This way, we ensure our clients receive the correct and best advice. Learn more about our team and their experience.


We provide practical and strategic advice and services to a diverse range of clients including international and local companies, large corporations, small businesses, individuals and family businesses. 

We offer the perfect combination of large legal firm credentials with personal service we take very seriously.

Our highest priorities focus on accomplishing your goal and we do that through immediate communication, accessibility and high quality of service.

We are committed to thoroughly explaining all steps involved in the criminal law process, providing regular updates throughout the proceedings, and making ourselves accessible and responsive at any time.

We are passionate about providing an exceptional level of service to our clients, and we fight hard to achieve optimal results in the shortest period of time.

You can hear from some of our clients themselves through their testimonials.


As our client, you will benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience that only we provide. The law is always changing and we have first-hand knowledge of how it will affect you and your case. We are constantly researching and checking to ensure we’re applying the most up-to-date information to your case for the best possible results.   

All of our clients receive the benefit of several lawyers strategising and executing case details to maximise the chances of approval, having cases dropped or downgraded at an early stage when in court often saving our clients cost, time and stress.


We appear in court on a regular basis and we have done so for years. We have extensive experience and rapport with magistrates and judges in Sydney helping to ensure your case is well heard and received. 


If you are searching for help with legal services including business and commercial law, criminal law, employment law, family law, commercial and civil litigation and estate planning contact us today. 

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