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Thursday 27 January 2022

“We have been working with Richard and his team for a few years on different types of visas.
Due to the critical mistake made by one of our previous migration agents, we ended up holding a short-term visa with no pathway to permanent residency. We have been living in Australia for more than ten years and our two children were born here. The situation with the short-term visa became very frustrating to us. We contacted several migration specialists and they refused to work with our case, as it appeared to be very complicated.
They all know how to do their job well, but no one was ready to look at our situation out of the box and take responsibility for the non-standard case. However, the standard ways did not work for us. We had to find someone who holds professional expertise and confidence. We are happy that we trusted to Richard and Shakenovsky & Associates.
Throughout the process we were carefully instructed about our case strategy and all the steps we had to undertake to be able to apply for the medium-term visa. As a result, we have got our four-years visa granted.
We are grateful to Richard and his team for constant assistance, professional approach, the highest expertise and reasonable confidence. We strongly recommend their professional services to everyone who seeks migration advice from true experts.”


Tuesday 1 February 2022

“Me and Mauricio are just amazed with such great news!! We are extremely happy !!!!!
I want to thank you both so much for all the support and such amazing work!
I have no words to thank you enough.
We will definitely contact you next year to check for our citizenship eligibility/application!
Thank you again!!”


Tuesday 21 December 2021

“Dear Richard, you made my day/year with your call this afternoon. I am so happy for our family to finally rest in the knowledge of knowing we will all be Australian. Thank you so much Richard (& Team & Nick) for your professionalism, guidance, perseverance and friendship to achieve this outcome. “

Todd & Clan

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