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Estate planning is vitally important. All too often people are passing away intestate (without a will). Others suffer an unforeseen accident, and they are unable to manage their own financial affairs without an enduring power of attorney and notice of enduring guardianship. Many people fail to recognise the ramifications of not having a will and the impact it has on their loved ones. Young couples often marry, start a family, and before they know it, they have established a valuable estate and businesses without having considered a succession plan through estate planning.
  • What happens to your estate (your home, your properties, assets, and your business) upon your death?
  • What happens to your affairs if you become mentally incapacitated?
Your financial affairs are extremely important and relatively inexpensive to organise. Our key areas of expertise and experience include:
  • Drafting last will and testaments, and codicils (variation to wills)
  • Drafting enduring powers of attorney and notices of enduring guardianship
  • General estate planning for asset protection
  • Succession Act applications.